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Originally Posted by WannaBeOrganic View Post
Why don't you get a hobby or something and stop following me around. While you're at it, look up the definition of "greater than".
See, this is what I mean. You can't even keep track of what you post, so you make wise ass sarcastic comments to cover you tracks instead of just admitting you were wrong.

Originally Posted by WannaBeOrganic View Post
I'd be interested to see a labeled bone meal product that has a P value greater than 25. I haven't seen anything labeled product available to consumers greater than 15 P.
Took me all of 1 min to find that product, yet you haven't seen a consumer product more than 15? I wasn't aware people outside of homeowners purchased bone meal in 2 lb canisters.

Further more, I posted a link to my reference instead of just trying to appear like I know it all ..... where is yours WBO? You just throw a bunch of numbers out there, which BTW according to the doc I referenced, were mostly wrong.

Lots of different types of products with bone meal. Why would you chose a single product, post the analysis of it, and say this is what you can expect?

Originally Posted by WannaBeOrganic View Post
There are organic fertilizers that are high in phosphorus. Bone meal is one that's about 4-12-0.
See, you are doing it to yourself. If you expect people to take your word at face value on this forum you are sadly mistaken, especially when it is wrong. Guess what, I question any unreferenced information that doesn't sit right, you are not special in this regard. There is WAY too much B.S. information that floats around on forums, should I just ignore it when I know better, especially in a forum I actively participate in?

As far as following you, get over yourself. So now I am not allowed to read or participate in topics you post it? Am I also not allowed to question the information you post? Should I check with you before I post replies to topics you get to "first"?
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