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What are my odds?

We moved to our new home 2 years ago. The previous owner had pretty much let the crab grass & weeds get the better of him. Had a soil test done that came back 4.9. The last 2 years I've been amending the soil per the extension offices recommendation.
Last July I tried to kill off the Bermuda in a 14k sqft area ( I have 2 acres) of the front yard with the intention of re-seeding with a bg/fescue mix that fall. My GF threw a fit as she liked the Bermuda even though that area was 90% weeds & 10% Bermuda. So I told her I would re-seed with bermuda this spring after I got the lawn leveled a little bit.
It is mid June here in E. Tennessee & we are now getting married here at the house in Sept. She does not want a dead lawn.
So I told here I'd plant this week & if it comes up it comes up but not to get her hopes up.
So what are my chances at getting germination this late?
Her's a pic of the area I'm talking about.
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