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Originally Posted by WannaBeOrganic View Post
Like they say, there are many ways to skin a cat. Sometimes you also have stop and think if skinning a cat is what you really should be doing.

On an organic lawn care forum you're bound to get some resistance when you say you have to use synthetics because you can't do the same with organic lawn care in a reasonable amount of time.

Like someone else suggested, the soil test may have only determined the available P in your soil. Since you have alkaline soil, maybe that swayed the results? You could have plenty of P, you just need to have it become available?

I'm curious how much P they recommended you add?

I don't know the answers to some of these questions but I pose them because I'm curious as to what they might be.
My position is: don't chase PH

Mycorrhizae can increase root mass by 600%, talk about deep roots.

Sometimes you have to choose a path, go one way or another. I choose no applied P, you will not find P in any of our products. Mycorrhizae and sustainable ways of supporting the herd is the way to go

BTW, welcome drugrep. I haven't been around here a lot lately you may have been here quite a bit, but welcome
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