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Originally Posted by ICT Bill View Post
Mycorrhizae can increase root mass by 600%, talk about deep roots.

Sometimes you have to choose a path, go one way or another. I choose no applied P, you will not find P in any of our products. Mycorrhizae and sustainable ways of supporting the herd is the way to go
That's interesting, I haven't been able to find anything to support your assertion that mycorrhizae can dramatically increase root mass by the amount you claim. I would be interested in seeing an unbiased independent reference if you have one.

Everything I've read seems to indicate that plants attract and feed mycorrhizae so that they multiply when the plant doesn't have the root mass to extract water and nutrients on its own.

Unless you're talking about the extra surface area that mycorrhizae provide, but that's not technically the plant's root per se.
"turf is not sustainable, hence the reason why I strongly promote getting rid of it." - Kiril 1/14/2009
Is this what people paying for lawn service want?
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