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Originally Posted by muddstopper View Post
Avguy, dont pay those northernfolks any attention, they dont know squat about growing bermuda since all they fool with are cool season grasses.

Buy a premium hulled and coated bermuda seed such as Yukon for the cold tolerance in your area. Seed at the 4lb per 1000sqft rate. Dont use any fertilizer when you seed. Set irrigation timers to water for 5 minutes, 6 times a day in each zone, Less if you start seeing puddeling, making sure you have even coverage and you will see green in about a week. Fertilize at two weeks using about 1/4lb N per 1000sqft and adjust irrigation to longer times and less frequently, but still not to the point of puddeling. Repeat fertilization at 4 and 6 weeks and then set up a regular fertilization schedule to reflect the growing needs of the grass. Mow when grass reaches 3 inch in height to a finished cut height of about 2 inches. With proper mowing and fertilization, you will have a sod quality lawn in about 8 weeks, just in time for the wedding, but it will go dormant when the weather starts to frost.
I agree with mud. Especially for bermuda if you meant too late because of the heat you got it backwards bermuda loves the heat....the hotter the better usually. I would only disagree with the no fert at time of seeding and would recommend a high phosphorous starter fert when you seed. Not saying I;m right he's wrong just different opinions. You will have green within a week and you'll be mowing within 3. Like he said KEEP THE SEED MOIST.
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