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Originally Posted by avguy View Post
Thanks for all the replies! GF says thank you as well. Lol...the way she's worrying about everything you would think the Pope was going to show up here!

I'm headed to Lesco this morning and will be tilling & spreading top soil this afternoon. I'll update this thread in about 10 days or so. Hopefully the next pic will be green instead of brown

Thanks again......Scott
You will need about 60 pounds of seed to start,and then another 15 to go over it again in a few weeks to fill in some spots when it doesn't come in perfectly.

Its going to take every bit of the 2 1/2 months you have til the wedding to get it established on that hill.Average full coverage and maturity time for Bermuda is 8-10 weeks.

I would water about 5 times a day.

Make sure you use starter fertilizer when you seed the first time.

You MUST roll it after you seed to make sure it is firmly in the soil and not just laying on top so it can wash away.

Good Luck,you will need it.
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