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this has been answered like 700 times this month.
scotts does not produce a commercial line anymore, it's handled by andersons. any scu that andersons uses is most likely a lesco product ( the biggest producer of scu )
homeowner blends of scotts product are great and you get what you pay for. look at the product make up, types of "n" amount of water isoluable "n". etc etc.. as far as starter fert being less than $10 bag, ya that price seems good, but you already faked yourself out.. look at how much a 50# bag covers then look at bag of 33/5/10 40% scu at $8 a bag. quick release products can be used effectivly when applied properly.. i think of any coated product as a safe guard against untrained applicators.
for you guy's without a lesco center or an elevator around, i suggest looking at an article that wa in lawn & landscape i belive, it was called " lawncare in nowhere " see how this company over comes these hurdles
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