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Originally Posted by muddstopper View Post
If you are going to use a starter fert at the time of planting, make sure it doesnot contain any Urea Nitrogen. Urea will convert to ammonium really fast in all this heat. The N conversion and resulting gassing off will result in a seed kill off situation. An ammonium Nitrogen based fertilizer would be a much better choice, but make sure it is well watered into the soil after application. Hulled seed is much more succeptable to the the gassing off effects of the N conversions, hince my recommendations to not use fert for the initial seeding.
Went to Lesco today & all they had was hulled seed. Called a few other places & they either didn't know what they had or it was hulled. The Co-op had a brand called Laredo @ $6.19/lb or hulled @ $2.50/lb. Because I'm so late in getting this in the ground I don't think I have much of an option on the seed. Asked all three places about a coated seed & specifically the Yukon & all I got was a constipated look on their faces.

I did get the yard tilled today & got my top soil this afternoon. The top soil was very wet...took the guy 20 minutes to get it off the dump truck as it just stuck to the bed of the truck. To make matters worse I'm moving this stuff around with a compact utility tractor & it doesn't take much of that wet top soil to over load the front end loader. Small scoops & many many trips back to the pile.

I'm going to try to get this wrapped up by tomorrow eve as we are expecting rain here on Fri. Thanks again to all for your help! Scott
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