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Originally Posted by bigslick7878 View Post
Bermuda seed is very expensive per pound(the seed is microscopic and there are way more seeds per pound than other grasses).That seed you are getting for that price is garbage and you are wasting your money.

The kind that was recommended earlier (Yukon) should run about $500 for 25 pounds.DO NOT cut corners when picking a seed and settle for a cheap one,it makes a HUGE difference.You get what you pay for,and every seed has a different genetic makeup to combat weeds and all types of other issues that could arise down the road.

You can order it here...

$529.00 for a 25 pound bag,You will need 3 when its all said and done.

I'm telling you don't waste your money with that cheap stuff,you will regret it later.
I think I'm going to have to settle for the Lesco @ $4.30/lb. I'm renovating 15k sq ft now but have to address the rest of the lawn next spring. It's a little over 2 acres.
Are you saying the inexpensive Bermuda will always look bad? Or will I just have to seed more often to get it to fill in?
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