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As a lawn care operator all I can say is that is a work of art and you rightfully should be proud, I want to see more pictures. As a father of 3 soccer players I can tell you that we have played hundreds of games on many different fields and know that this field is one that you wish for.

Our home field is a multi use field and of course football beats it to death in the fall. I have girls who play in the spring and you are very correct that the boys soccer players injure the field more as the boys play in the fall but nothing compared to the football games. The grounds crew faces an impossible task in keeping up so you can imagine what a mess we have to play on.
They are looking into a dedicated high school soccer facility here as the popularity is great. The local "private" school just dug their grass out and will have their new "turf" field installed by the end of summer. $750,000.00 which I find insane. My daughters played on similar fields over the years and it has a big effect on the game. I know that a poorly maintained grass field can do the same thing but I am a purist (and a lawn care operator) and soccer should be played on grass.
I have often pondered getting into this but it is true that the school districts and park districts are operating on tight budgets and the WAMS that mow everything else in the city also mow the soccer fields. There is little in the way of cash for maintenance and there are no turf grass managers that are employed, just maintenance workers (they are needed too, no slap here) who cut as directed.
You are lucky to be in an area where you can use your excellent skills. Mayby someday I will get my daughters team to take a trip over the pond to St. Joes. Keep up the great work.
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