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I just read all 39 pages in 1 setting.... 2 Hrs to do it....

Great Information.

I havent started my Lawn Care Business yet. Going to have some ankle surgery. Got hurt at work and been off for the last 7 months because of it...

Once I am released to go back to work in a few months I am sure I will get fired. Considered a Liability know I assume...

So, had to sit down and think about what I can do after this is all over....

I have 1 acre and I love to be on the rider cutting the grass and straightning things up.

SO what better to get into then what I enjoy doing. No more boss to push me around and no one to answer too but my wife...

Shes actually the one who suggested it. Gotta love her....

I already have a small trailer, rider mower (from Home Depot ) trimmer, gas blower, rakes and such. I will start small.... Purchase bigger and better when I can.

Heres my train of thought:

A) Buy quality equipment with cash if all possible.

B) Never spend more then you make.

C) Work hard, smart and build up a 1 of a kind lawn care business.

D) Go above and beyond even if it means spending 10 more minutes on the same job.

E) Never go below your minumum charge. NEVER.

F) Treat every customer like they are your only one.

G) Be honest, dependable and friendly.

H) Just when you think your quality is #1, take a few minutes and stop by a competitors lawn. You will find things that someone else is doing better.

I) This is the most important one of all........ Always find time in your business to be with your family. Don't let your business run your life. Even if one of your scheduled stops is taking your wife to lunch. Or picking up a toy for your child to surprise them with.

Love your family and when the hard times hit, they will back you up through anything.

I will start my own business, I will be successful. I will be the best I can be.

Sorry for such a long post.
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