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Originally Posted by Jason Rose View Post
Spark arrestor screen came out before I pulled the cord the first time. Pretty sure It's not carboned up as it was having the same issues when it was brand new as it did with about 20 total hours on it. About the time I got fed up and shoved it into the shed. Some said it needs a carb adjustment, but there's no adjustment screws. I've seen others post pics of these little covers that have to be drilled out to access the screws but on mine the only one of those I can even see dosn't appear to be inline with anything that could be remotely in the carburator. I'm not going to willy-nilly drill holes in the thing either.
this one dealer told me that since they went strato charged that they changed the carbs in order to make the emmissions work . and that carb change over can be a ***** . he said the carbs are so tricky they stopped rebuilding them and just put in new carbs because half the time they rebuild them the carbs still toast
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