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He actually sounds like a real nice and honest guy, just like topsites said. I know it has been sitting for a long time, but thats not really any wear on the engine, he even told us he would find somone to do a free tuneup to make sure it would run fine. I think I might go check it out today, I'll tell you how it looks though.

Am I right that leaving it in the garage with grass on it wouldn't hurt much?

If it's not worth $2800 what should I offer? $2500?

In reply to scooterdayton: I actually have a lot of money saved up (from mowing since I was 9) I spent almost NONE of it, but over half was in stock, so you know how that went . I don't want to buy a ztr, because it is over twice the amount, and I don't need it for mowing 5-6 lawns a week right now.

Thanks for the imput gus
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