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Sales Tax in Nebraska

I was talking to my acountant a few days ago and guess what .

That's right Sales tax

Even though lawn care service is still exempt from charging sales tax But Pest control is not. Revenu departmant defines pest as " any living animal" and they list grubs as one of these pest sooo we will have to charg sales tax on grub and other insect control.

If we itemise it on the bill we just have to tas the grub control part but if its part of a program with one flat fee then we tax the whole amount

Have your accountant check into this. It will change a few things for me.

I guess the bright side is they don't call weeds pests ( even though herbicides are still pesticides). And this may give us a little leverage with costumers in proving we are operating legit were the guy that gave them the lowball price with out any sales tax included might not be.
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