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Talking An edger, a defective head and a stupid dumba**

Here is a story for you ok,

One of my a**hole ex employee was working alone at a small homeowner house. of the chief of police (retired 72 yrs old) . So i dropped him off at around 9:35 a.m.. I leave and i assure myself he know what to do.
So he works with an edger around fence and edge. Then he had to add more line to it. Unknowingly , he never locked it back into place. He moves toward the house and here it is!

He powers up, stars to work then the entire head pops out of place, spins, almost hits my guy and flies into the chiefs window. He runs outside with a Manchester Shotgun and pos off some rounds and actually cuffs my guy. i come to pick him up after an hour and i find him cuffed to the front fence.

I was out $550 Yearly contrct with him and had to pay a small fee for the window.
and told him never 2 come back.

So talk bout this and please reply!

So i dropped him back to his own home (supposedly)
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