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I hate thieves- period. They are slimy bastards.

When I get to a job site, I always take my hand helds off the truck/ trailer and stash them in the back yard flower bed or whatever. . After I get my w/b or ztr off, I then lock one side of my trailer with a high end padlock. (I am solo and and usually have a nice Toro w/b unit and an Exmark ZTR and can't use both at once.) My push mower is locked with the a very thick log chain going thru the discharge chute and then gets locked to the trailer frame.

My trailer is locked onto my tow hitch, my tow hitch is locked to my truck.

I never let my guard down.

I was once victimized and learned a very painfull lesson. Fortunately I got most of my stuff back.

Im sorry to hear about your loss. Keep your eyes on the pawn shops and craigs list adds- you may get lucky.

Did I say I HATE thieves???
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