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The point is, if a corporation can't be bothered to get information on their website correct, especially after it's been wrong for years now, what are the odds they're paying attention to other details? The effort required to make the change on the website is minute compared to the effort to make the machines better. If you guys can't do the easy thing, why should be we encouraged that you'll fix other problems?

A monkey can take a few pics of a new machine and post them and the usual specs on a webpage. Dozens of lawnsite members here do it themselves. The fact that Hustler doesn't consider this reflects on their company tells me all I need to know about the attitudes there.

Suit yourself. I prefer not to do business with people who think "good enough" is ok and "we'll get around to it eventually" is the standard. You might consider asking some of the folks at Chrysler and GM how that attitude worked out for them.
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