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Okay. I see what you're saying. I thought he was wanting to know if there was a set it stone formula for bidding a high acreage mowing job. I know that on a good day of fairly even ground with grass that's been cut within the previous 10 to 12 days and treated with pre and post-emergents regularly, my machine will mow around 6 to 6 and a half acres in an hour if I really hit it hard. This is providing that I don't stop to check voicemails, get a drink, smoke, etc. I can't use this formula on every bid though, because sometimes I might be bidding on a property that has fallen tree limbs, big mounds of dirt that gophers or moles have dug up, softball size rocks that have to be gently shoved out of the way with the side of the deck, etc. On ground like this it may slow my production down an acre or 2 per hour. Instead of getting 6 knocked out, I may only get 4, etc. In this case, I can see where a person could just use the same formula like you're saying, just use your slower production numbers if the job looks like it's going to be that description. You have a point, and I stand corrected.
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