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Originally Posted by ;124085
I had a long list yesterday, but most of it's already here.

1. Make a list of cross reference parts. (bearings, belts, bushings, and pulleys, etc.) In other words, get an aftermarket parts catalog and find out which part numbers are the same as other manufacturers. When your dealer doesn't have the parts in stock, you can go to the other mfg dealer and cross to their part number to get what you need. As someone mentioned, downtime STINKS!

2. Try to buy all your oil, trimmer line, belts, filters, and whatever you know you will need for a year at one time. You can get a better deal in bulk.

3. Pay yourself first. No, I don't mean salary. I mean invest. 10-15% off the top. Don't convince yourself you can't afford to. You can't afford not to. BTW, if you don't have winter income, set up an account for that also.

4. Make sure you communicate with your customers, family, and the people working with you. People generally don't like change, and wives like it least. Let them know what's going on. It's not whether things will go wrong, they will. It's how you handle it when they do.

5. Make time for yourself and your family. I was working 60-80 hours a week. My son wanted to take out the boat, but I never had time. It didn't take many trips to the principal's office for me to get it. Again, you can't afford not to.

6. Appreciate the good years, and prepare for the lean ones. Thank God for all that you have.
Wonderful and detailed info. I absolutely love your quote!
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