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Originally Posted by LushGreenLawn View Post
I have one from the city as well. I never thought about using it really, because it usually has our household trash in it, but it would work in a pinch.

What I mainly use mine for is for grass clippings. I have a few lawns that have to be bagged, and all the clippings from one day fit into the one can. We were putting them into the back of the truck but it was a pain to unload.

I may try it for leaf cleanups that we have to haul away this fall. Usually, if we cannot just plow/blow them to the curb, we put them on tarps and then into a dump trailer, but the big can may work better.
I mainly use my 96 gallon trash can when I have a cleanup, I do not use mine for grass unless I have to it really starts to smell in there and mold starts to grow as well
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