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Higher Engine HP Options

There has got to be some reason Hustler is so far behind on higher hp engine options. It has been told to me personally from people in the Hustler organization that would know, they are concerned about their components not handling the higher hp engines.

This really makes no sense, other manufactures are having no component problems with the stronger engines, 35, 37 and even 40 hp engines are not giving their components premature failures.

I would like the reasoning for Hustler not moving into 35+ hp engines at a faster pace. There has got to be a reason, but I honestly don't believe it can be justified by Hustler. There should have been a big block vertical shaft engine in place on the Super Z mowers long before now, let's find out what the hold up is?

I know Hustler design engineers will tell everyone they know best for their product line, yet have no facts to back this statement. End users running Super Z mowers have been asking for years to have the option of purchasing more powerful engines. A engine strong enough to handle 21 cc pumps, and insure adequate power to negotiate slopes without rpm reduction which takes away from blade tip speed.

I am personally getting tired of watching Hustler drag behind all other mower manufactures on this power issue. The Super Z needs extra power much worse than a 12 mph Ferris, or 12.4 mph Bobcat Predator Pro; due to the larger 21cc pumps pulling excessive hp. These mower manufactures offer a 37 hp Kawasaki engine only for the reason of knowing their customers want the extra power. The extra power is not needed nearly as much as with the Super Z.

All top brand zero turn mowers, Scag, Exmark, Bobcat, Ferris, Bad Boy and probably more offer big block options. The 31 Kawasaki offered by Hustler does not have the power of the big block engines (900 cc an up). The 31 Kawasaki is only 852cc while a 28-32 Vanguard is 896cc. and the 34-36 is 993cc., the 34-37 Kawasaki is 999cc.

Come on Hustler, let us know what is going on; and take the necessary steps to increase the Super Z's power.
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