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Thanks Danny! I am doing pretty good this year. I hired a full time and picking up some here and there. Want to let you know watch out for the Wade boy next door to evelyn. His mom lives there and I have done work for her for 11 years. I found out in early spring that they have been going behind my back and talking down my business. She has been friends with our fam. for many years and even came to my wedding. He is coming down from raleigh to do work and claims that he is coming to where the money is. He has never been in landscaping or maintenance and recently lost his job. He has taken 2 accounts form me and have seen evidence that he has visited a few more. He is the guy that took loehr from u. Just giving you the heads up and I will keep u posted on anything else i hear from that. My mother still cleans for them and gives me the scoop.
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