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Went to the new webpage today. The new trimstar is there.

Unfortunately, when you click on "download brouchure" an error message comes up instead of the brochure. And when you click on "watch video" I got a trolling load message that never did load the video in. I suspect it simply requires a software download to update my browser. Still, this could be a stumbling block for many users who don't feel the need to make realplayer downloads before they can watch the video.

For the poster who asked why anyone would judge a company based on a website? Well, admittedly a website isn't 100% of what I'd base an assesment of a company on. But in 2009 it does matter. If it didn't, why would anyone bother to have company websites? In a competitive business it could mean the difference between a customer never coming out and testing a machine because they never find out about the innovations money and time has gone into developing. In a city where I see about 2 Hustler wb's a year (vs literally hundreds of Exmark hydros, and nearly as many Scag and Toro wb's) I'd say they need all the help they can get in the marketing dept.

Hustler Turf isn't your small business. They have plenty of resources to do the job. And they can't just send out flyers or put an ad in the local classifieds to make sales.

Here's an experiment. Go try the Lexus Website. Or Infiniti's. Or other companies considered near the top of their respective fields. I'm guessing you won't find too many outdated pages, typos, or non-functioning links there. Then go try Pontiac's page, and tell me which was more informative, well laid out, and easy to use. You decide if there's a correlation there.

Try reading an old book, "In search of excellence". Often little things indicate a mindset that goes beyond what you can see and touch. Getting these little things right demonstrates an attitude that excellence is the standard. And nothing less will do. That's what buyers want to see. Everyone makes mistakes. Nothing is perfect. But it's not a bad idea to strive for that anyway.
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