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It seems to load fine from my computer. The site is undergoing a significant overhaul and the new one should go live within the next six weeks. It will make this one seem quite antiquated. Our vision and target market, caliper/size of projects, and line of services has changed quite a bit in the last two years.

Project A is down to a "punch list" of minor things. We'll be wrapping that up in the next week.

Project B is pretty incredible. Pics don't do it justice. I don't know how many thousands of pieces of plant material ended up on site. There is a huge push this week there to finish the house so the new owner can move in next week. He's generously holding a catered contractor party this weekend for everyone who was involved in construction. We all plan on attending, quite possibly still with our shovels in hand.

Project C is well underway as we are laying footers for wall block. The first of 10 tractor trailer loads of material arrived on site today.

I'll see if I can post some pics later of B.
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