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I would just download it from them ... it only takes me about 2-3 minutes, but I have broadband. GroundsKeeper Pro 2000 does have a pesticide recording section, but you will still have to fill out your states records seperately. It doesn't have a routing section specifically dedicated to pesticides, but you can either use the scheduling section or run a second copy of the program and dedicate that to the pesticide aspect.
As far as accounting, it doesn't yet do complete tallys, but the next update will from what I heard yesterday ... it does keep track of sales and services and keep A/R and billing and current balances, it prints the bills, applies the charges ... it is not QB Pro or Peachtree, whatever, but it definately enough for you to get by with mowing, fert, and most other associated services with landscaping including installation and estimating.
They may charge a nominal fee now for updates, but there will be a substantial fee for an upgrade to the next software version, which will probably be out late 2003-sometime in 2004, but if you are already a current GK pro user, the upgrade fee will be discounted and overall it will still cost less that CLIP or LM and have most of the saem features, probably an upgrade fee of about $450 or a single purchase of $850-$950 area, it currently is only about $350 or so and for what it give you, it is worth it, I did a lot of research before I purchased this and I decided that this was all I needed ... if you are a real large company with 100 employees and 30 crews, then this program might not be for you, but if you are a small to med size company 1 - 25 employees/ 4-5 crews, then this is perfect....
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