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Wow you treat your employees well, I'm sure they all stick around a long time.

My employer Bxxxxxxn. Doesn't have any benefits, Always hounds us about our hours, has a wall they put either smiley faces, or frowning faces that say whats that called again when you don't win, oh yeah, losing. Doesn't care about what equipment I want, wont replace something unless it wont start. Wants me to get my own tools to change blades, makes me work holidays, doesn't want us stopping at a gas station.

They have one day a year when we have a picnic and they let the mexicans make all the food, It was chorizo, it tasted like some dry flakey sausage but was pretty good mixed with salsa and tortilla chips. Then I played volleyball with the mexicans and they must play all the time because they were good as hell and kept trying to hit it to me, since I'm okay at it but out of practice.

Crazy long rant I know, so how do we fix employers. Somebody I know called corporate hr and told them we weren't allowed to stop at a bathroom and wanted us to pee in the trailers, now we get two 15 minute breaks a day to use the nearest restroom.
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