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Yup she shakes pretty decent. We had to fiddle with the engine speed to get the optimal shake. Seemed just above idle worked the best, anything faster smoothed itself out. The compost was still pretty damp but it screend it out pretty well.

We screened all of the stuff from 2007 in about 3 hours and that included a 1 hour shutdown for a busted hyrdraulic hose on the tractor. Used about 2 liters of gas in the screener engine.

We used tarps to cover the screened compost and let the overs just fall on top of the tarp. When the pile under the screener was full we just pulled the screener back three feet, unrolled the tarp some more and kept going.

All in all a decent project costing about $400 bucks not including the tarps. We are going to paint the stand this fall now that we know it works. I'm thinking International red?

Screener and windrow

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