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Help Identifying Plant

Hey all,

I was out pruning the zucchinis and chives today, and came across a plant that had some leaves on it that had been destroyed by bugs, but not dead. I severed the leaves off, and i caught a slight smell that was nice when I did it. I smelled the pruned leaves and thought it smelled a lot like peppermint. I can identify a normal mint plant by visuals and smell, but i'm no plant expert in the slightest. Anyway, I'm not sure what this plant is, but liked the smell. After I threw the leaves away I went back to pick up the pruned leaves and stems from the zucchini plant. Upon picking them up, I felt really weird. My body got really hot and sweaty, my heart beat picked up, i started getting itchy, and my hands were shaking very, very badly. I looked like my grandfather (he has Parkinsons). It was a similar feeling to an allergic reaction i had to Benadryl once.

Anyway, this is what the plant and leaf looked like. Any ideas on what it could be? I live in northwest Pennsylvania.

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