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Oh no, great reply.

We have discussed the idea of having more winter interest on the side of the house.

I've also thought about the seating wall, but went with this idea first. I'm going to submit the designs and then get some good input from the HO.

The plans are mainly just conceptual. Final plant design will probably happen closer to the project. I agree though, it would be a bare area.

My only thoughts on this project is that I'm trying to stay in the 1860's style of gardening, which really didn't include too many evergreens.

The ledge with the two pillars is a place to hitch your horse and dismount. The original concrete pillars, with rings, and ledge were installed around 1910 or so. There is another section on the other side of the property with the same set-up with a walkway leading to it also. I'll get more pics soon.

The basket weave patio is going to be pulled up and re-done. There is also about 300 square feet of old road pavers that they want me to use also. So my main problem is finding a wall block to either match or contrast with the pavers.

My other issue is also using a paver for the rest of the sidewalks. I've come up with a cobbled clay paver from Whitacre.

Here is a couple pics of a historic property similar to the one I'm working on. I'm getting some of my ideas from it.

The first pic is of the horse hitching post and ledge. One of the pics is also of a prickly pear cactus. You don't see too much of that around. The stone pillars also match the ones at the property I work on. Almost the exact same form too.

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