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Thanks for all the input guys.

It's a pretty neat feeling to be able to work on a home with historical significance. It's an even better feeling to know that I've beet out 4 other scapers for this work. (they just didn't perform other services very well to earn the trust of the HO)

I think I'm going back to the old-world stone and wall for this one. I originally designed some images with that type of stone in it, but sometimes I either second guess myself, or want to "see" what it would look like with a more modern materials. Thank you guys for pointing me back in the right direction.

With the raised ledge, I might be a little high in the pics. It might actually be more towards step height when it's finished so it doesn't look to out of place.

I'll also try to take more pics of the property itself so you guys can get a feel for the whole project.

I'll post more images later today, I'm going to tweak a few designs before I give them to the HO.

It's been more of a roller coaster ride business wise this year, so having this job towards the end of the season would be tremendous. This job is big, in labor and sales figures. It's one of those jobs that can potentially send my biz into the next level and help me break the glass ceiling as a sole proprietor. If the HO goes with the whole project all at once, then I'm thinking I can get it done (with a few part-time helpers) within 5 weeks, and that's including Murphy's law.

Here's a short list of the numbers.

375 feet of sidewalk, removed, then pavers put in.
God knows how many loads of old-sidewalk removed.
60-70 tons of pack-fill.
5 tons base sand
Lots of of parametric sand.
about 40 bags of mortar for the walls and patio if I go for the dry-stacked look.
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