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Originally Posted by davis45 View Post
I hate to jump in the middle of a different conversation here. But, going back a couple pages to the stone beds. You said you just spray the grass and lay fabric on top of the grass? I have always removed all the sod, have I been wasting my time, is it just as effective to spray the grass and go over it?
It all depends on the situation. Regardless, I always come in and spray the area first before I get started on grading. It's usually 3-5 days after at that point I do my grading. If I need to, I remove the sod, if I don't have to, then I won't.

It all depends on the planting too. If the soil needs to be turned or amended, then of course I remove the sod. If it's a strait run of rock, no planting, grade looks good, then I leave the sod.
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