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Originally Posted by GreenmanCT View Post
i dont get the need for this, i do alot of hilly properties here in ct and have never had a problem like you are describing. and i run a hydro w/b. ,
There are 3 kinds of hydro systems in use on walkbehinds today. You have either the dual drive where there are seperate pumps and wheel motors for each rear wheel or you have the intergrated pump/wheel motor combo often referred to as IZT. I have the third type.

It's the same type that is often used in riding tractors. It's an intergrated pump/rearend assembly. Mine is just like most car rearends in that it only drives one wheel at any given time. Yours is kinda like Positraction, it drives both rear wheels. Since mine only drives one wheel at a time you need a way to steer it since you can't just increase or decrease the individual wheel speed independantly like you can.

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