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Originally Posted by etwman View Post
Its been four years since I've been in the field. I miss it, but the legwork behind scenes keeps me in the office, especially this year. I do miss the field work at times and creating the once in a lifetime experiences in back yards.

CAT came back to me with numbers but I sent them back to the drawing board to get me better ones. Right now they can't compete with Deere. We'll see what round two brings.

Mosaic and Cov. Plus are the only 10" deep block combination walls on the market to my knowledge. Unfortunatley if you want to go combination, retaining a decent surcharge you need grid. With grid placement you need seams to do it right. I would agree, but its either a 10" panel with Mosaic, or a 21" panel with Cov Plus, pick your poison.

I never installed a wall with "pannels'. Every multi size wall I ever built was a random pattern. We would stagger the grid. For example: We would run 12' for grid after course 3. Then run 6' after course 4 then run 18' after course 3 and so on.

Or every 6-8 feet we would install a block to break the seam and cut the grid around it. This is seen in one of the pics. I am not picking on you are trying to stir trouble. I am just trying to give to advice and maybe give you an idea that you have not thought off.

Engineers have no trouble with these methods.
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