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All kinds of cool, neat stuff I haven't had time to play with yet.

Main concern;

The radar page, it is pretty good for if you have a crew in an aera and you can determain (via DTN's help) how long the weather (rain-snow-sleet-etc) will stay in the aera.

It has some forcasting.

Lots of other stuff too.

I do not have this service, but it is at friends places, and a supply center I frequent.

For the price they have paid for it over what I can get for free on the internet, I have decided that the info I get from them over the Nextel radios, and off the WWW, it is sufficent enough for me.

Other than the up to the second doplar radar, I didn't see other uses in it for the $90 (they advertize "as little as $3 a day")a month.
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