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I think a mission statement is something that rather than working off of someone else's... it's something that is best created on your own. It is uniquely your own and should reflect the focus and mission of your company. Why is it that you are in business? What are you trying to accomplish? As the owner of the company - this question is answered only by you. A cookie cutter mission statement or one that is co-opted from another may not serve to direct you in the same way that a creative and unique, personal statement will.

There are questions to ask yourself when thinking about your mission. Below are a couple... I'm sure there are more.

1) Why are you in business?
2) What business are you in? What do you produce?
3) Who are your customers? What do they mean to you?
4) What are your growth/profit/business goals?
5) Consider social responsibility.
6) Consider vendors in your business plan/equation - are they an essential part of your mission?
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