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walker-talker, I think you missed my point ... it will probably cost you more to upgrade later than if you purchase the program now and use it for whatever you feel you need a management and billing program for and when the Upgrade comes out, you will not pay the full version price of say $950 area, instead you would be spending say $450 in addition to what you spend now for the current version. In fact, if you got it now and upgrade later, you may in fact not only wind up being able to utilize the program while they are making the changes but get it for less in the long run and not even have to worry about getting a promo price at the Expo. Why don't you give them a call at Adkad, they are actually nice people, they don't push anything, and will even tell you up front if you tell them your situation and needs if their product is even right for you. You will probably talk to either Dave or Karen, both are great people, you can even tell them that "Kryn" told you to call and you need some advise about their software ... they know me well and will take the extra minute if needed.
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