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Originally posted by BushHogBoy
Yea, like climbing a tree is more dangerous than driving a 50hp deisel 72" lawnmower at 13mph.
You only wish you knew what that was like, but then again I think that should be 15-20mph not 13mph.

I do hourly when leaves are concerned.

We "do not" do gutters.

However, leaf removal consists of;

Blowing leaves from all beds, drives, walks, corners, etc...

Then vacing them up with the Peco on a ZTR mower.

Then if dumped at the curb, vacing them in the truck and hauling them off.

We do not piickup sticks, or trash (vac gets the trash)

Sticks, twigs, branches etc..are extra. Remember we are doing leaf removal not a "Fall clean up". Even though it is hourly, we don't have the time to pick this junk up or able to haul it off.

This is done from Nov to March, but in spring we do a Spring clean up also that consists of picking up the debris also, but they must have a disposal place for it, cause none will fit on the truck.

That is why we don't pick that junk up.

We also offer Fall mulch, and trimming.

We do not give any kind of a package deal.

This is a "premium" service at a "premium" price.

This year, I might offer leaf mulching if things slow down.

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