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Eqpt Rental Cautions

I work for an outdoor power eqpt dealer. I looked into the eqpt rental idea. Here's what I found out.

I can loan you or let you take a unit out on demo. If there are problems like you roll your trailer, break someones window, or cut someones foot off, my insurance policy will provide coverage( at least to me) for anything we are held liable for that your insurance doesnt cover.

If I charge you a $, and you experience the same problem, My insurance covers zilch.

To pickup rental insurance rider - $800 PER MONTH

Only other option is to force renter to purchase insurance each time they rent the eqpt. Couldnt find any details on that option, but I didnt like it, and believe it to be fairly pricey.

Just thought I'd pass along some info. Check with your company though.
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