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I hear ya

Thanks Az - I appreciate where you're coming from. We pay our guys well -- average wage = about $20 per hour plus vacation pay & co-pay health/dental. Much better than other LCO's around here. (pretty good for corn Country).

My wife & I make less income than the lowest-paid specialist. All of my guys are top notch. They have been thoroughly trained and attend regular land grant university training/events.

Experienced guys get 3 weeks vacation during the work season. All employees get weekly (uncontested) unemployment paychecks during the 3 months in winter. Unless it snows - then they get paid on top of their weekly unemployment checks.

While we never buy them a "home", we try to give them the financial tools that most folks need. If they have fines to pay -- It ain't our fault. If their wife can't get a job cuz she has no car -- it ain't our fault. Yet I will go way out of my way to find a cheap vehicle & pay for it (out of my pocket).

I believe in Karma - What goes around, comes around. Tonight I just fixed the soft water unit in our next door rental house where employees live.

In the past 2 years, 2 of my guys have been able to buy their own homes. Before that, they rented. Nuf said.

Originally Posted by Az Gardener View Post
I want to preface this by saying I respect you and your operation amlawn I just wonder why your employees don't make enough to buy cars on their own? Wouldn't it be better to pay them a higher wage and make less profit on your end. I may be naive but my guys are buying houses with the money I pay in wages. Maybe I pay too much.

Your company is bigger than mine so I guess maybe I do pay too much. I just think if you want good responsible employees that are proactive with the clients and the job they do you have to provide them a standard of living that will allow them to have a normal life. Which in my mind includes health insurance, a home, yearly vacation. Also an opportunity to be more than the paid help.

Just some food for thought, you seem like a good guy and I believe you are trying to do right by your employees. You might just be able to raise the bar in the industry by paying a little more.
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