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Originally Posted by Watson's Landscaping View Post
Head's up guys, a few post back someone was talk'n about OSHA and joked about "what happened to the DOT stuff", well I've been seeing the "CVE Tahoe" (commercial vehicle enforcement) work'n the I-94 corridor between M-59 and 23 mile hot and heavy for the last two weeks now. Had a one pulled over at lunch time. so look out there still out there look'n for us!!!!

On another note had a phone call tonight about someone look'n for a job, said he worked for a outfit on the west side and for his step dad's company. guess I'm just trying to figure out how to go about trying him out to see if he's what he says he is. I'm cutting my HOA on sunday and was think'n about a on the job interview/try out??
I see 10 to 12 no names pulling trailers with mowing equipment every day. I don't think the cities or DOT really care. I didn't realize it was this bad. It makes a guy question trying to run a legal biz.
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