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Originally Posted by whytech View Post
Just visited my dealer today and purchased a new GrandStand 48/23. Sure hoping the problems on this forum are not my problems! Dealer wasnt clear about mulching blades. I did order the mulch kit, which he said came with the Recycler blades. I asked about the Atomic blades and he told me that these were not for use with the the mulching kit, but were used with the discharge chute. Can anyone offer authoritative guidance on Recycler vs Atomic mulch blades?

The GrandStand brochure indicates a stripe kit available in 2009. My choice of this mower was made in part on this representation. Anyone know the status of the stripe kit and how to get one? Dealer didnt know anything about it - made a few calls but no answers.



I e-mailed Toro Customer Service about getting a Stripping Kit for the Grandstand in May 2009 and got a reply a few days later saying the Kit will be available in 2009. WTF. I replyed with, since this is May 2009 can you be a little more specific and never got a reply.

Go to for a stripping kit on the Grandstand. I have a 48" Deck and recommend the 39" Stripping Kit.
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