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Building roads in a new section of Ft. Irwin, and we werent really digging more like mining for the shale out the side of a mountian

AWJ it rained out there two night for seriously maybe a minute and then it was done. Besides that D7 after that picture was completely tan even the top of the roof.

Jr if the dozer did have a cab it would be like the rest of the equipment that does have cabs, no air conditioning turns cabs into ovens. You'd be lucky if the one small fan would work.

LDH there really isn't no extensive training for CDL's in the miltitary cause with operating military vehicles you don't have to have a CDL, though you can obtian a CDL easier if you have a letter of recomdation from the motor pool and a M916A1 or A3 on you military drivers license. Also their is the MOS School that now all Operators must go through as the military combined Horizantal, Vertical, and Crane operation into one school now.

Ron you are correct, no porta poddy's out there yet.

Some more pics
Bored enough to start chasing lizards and compacting

Martin dancing on the back of the tanker.

Start of the finished project.

Stockpiling a few loads of gravel.

Our clean D7 at the MILES site

HET pulling a Scraper

Sandstorm at 3pm
Landscape Engineering Service
US Army 996th EN Co

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