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Originally Posted by andyspetrock View Post
how did you start out in this business? What equipment did you use?
thats a long story. at 12 my friend and i decided to cut grass together, we each had our fathers 21" push mowers. mine had a bagger, my buddies didnt. the first and only lawn we got the first year needed to be bagged. my buddy never got a mower with a bagger. at 13 i picked up 2 more. at 14 i used the money i saved to buy a used bolens riding mower 38" i think. at 16 i bought a brand new riding mower and at 17 a 48" walkbehind, 19 my first new 48" walkbehind and i didnt buy a 61"ztr until i was 24. a few years later bought a new one. and so on. i did all of this while working many different long term jobs. stop and shop through highschool. roofing, video store late teens/early 20's. budweiser "marketing" team and police community service intern postion in college(what a mix huh?). full time police/fire/ems dispatcher for 5 years. i gave it all up in....05 i think. how is that for a story?
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