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Originally Posted by Ben's Landscape View Post
Nice set up!! I really like your shops.

If you don't mind me asking what is wrong with your merc. on the boat?? I used to work in a boat yard. PM me.
the day i bought my boat i called and said i though the fuel tank was bad. the cap didnt thread on correctly. the tank sits down nearly in the water. the dealer said there was nothing wrong with it and in turn the manufacture then refused to listen to me over the year that it was bad until last month another dealer finally said it was faulty and let water in.. so i know engines dont run on water. each and every time the water was removed it ran good. now that the tank is fixed it runs like garbage and they cant figure out why. i have the best luck ever! i sent them an itemized list for $7100 for all the repairs, lost wages, fuel, truck fuel, boat depreciation, etc, that it has cost me over the last year. we'll see where we end up. if i get the money it will be worth the trouble.
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