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Help Estimate Please!

This is a serious post. I just finished cleaning some bushes, shrubs, and annoying "tree weeds" in my front yard and my Dad claims the work I did wouldn't have cost him much to hire someone to do what I did. I was wondering if you could look at and type in the address "15391 Highcroft Dr. Chesterfield, MO" and estimate the price you would charge to trim the 3 hedges/ bushes, remove all the weeds/small trees growing there, and remove the ivy on the wall. (I am referring to the entire left side of the house looking at it from street view.) It took me and my brother (we are both 18 years old) about 5 hours to clean and put into bags to trash. We filled up 15 leaf/lawn trash bags. Please estimate how much you would charge to clean that area. Thank you for your insight. Please estimate how much you would charge (I need money for college and my Dad is willing to give me almost nothing.)
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