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1. Up until this year I built my business around larger accounts. The money was better and came quicker, but it hurts too bad when you lose one or two of them. I guess it's like the old saying "don't keep all your eggs in one basket". 40 to 50 residential accounts is a safer strategy than 8 or 10 big commercials. If you lose a residential, you lose a couple hundred out of your monthly gross until you can replace them. If you lose a big commercial, you can lose as much as $1700 out of your monthly gross. That hurts bad. Sometimes it's not , your fault. Sometimes it just the economy and they're laying W2 employees off, the account buys their own mower and has one of the guys in the shop do it when he's not busy, etc.

2. Not got into foolish debt trying to keep up with the Jonses

3. Advertised more

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