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Zero Turn Mower - Front Disc Brakes

We started a new thread about our Front Brakes for Zero Turn Mowers. We are in the process of mounting our new version of the Ted Brakes. For those that haven't seen them (or didn't like the old drag brake design) here is a link. and below are the sneak peek at photos of the disc brake design.

We will be updating the site as soon as we have shot new videos, photos, and throughly tested the Disc Brake version. We are sure the new design will please those who commented about the exposed brake lines at the top of the spindles. Also, with the disc brake, we have eliminated possible tire wear from the drag style brake we had before.

The point of these brakes is to save lives. As many know, we recently had another zero mower death on Lake Norman resulting in sliding down a hill and going over a sea wall and flipping into the water that most likely could have been prevented if it had been equipped with TedBrakes.

We have the patent on the braking system, and once we have completed testing and updated our site, you will find that there will be a place to contact your zero turn mower manufacturer to request Ted Brakes be offered on their mower.

We will be displaying the Disc Brake Design as well as an internal hub shoe brake at the GIE + Expo in Louisville Kentucky on October 29-31. Our Booth number is 10126. We picked a booth in the middle of all the Major Zero Turn Mower Manufacturers to make sure that they are aware that there is a safer way to stop these mowers on hills other than the just trying to go in reverse. Once you lose traction doing this, you also lose total control of the direction of your mower.

Just a quick analogy about what these brakes can do for you: What if you got in your car and went down a grassy hill and the only way to try and stop was to put the car in reverse?

A major difference between a car and a Zero Turn Mower going down a hill is that at least you could still steer a car.

We look forward to your comments, and as always . . . mow SAFE!

Ted Corriher
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