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I know we just got a real problem with all these guys like one guy is bidding $20 per acre on too big places at that point i would just sell my stuff, then there Percision lawn care he lives with his mom and hes about 55yrs old he has 3 guys mowing and he bids places like I-hop with a big burm and islands and a large corner lot for 35 bucks per mow just looking at it its a good $65 and thats low. then to top things off the owner the 55yr guy drives around and times everyone else that mows, then goes in after you leave and gives them a lower bid. So do you think we have a problem here. then today i seen a new mowing crew 3 blk guys in a truck called "chop-it-up" lawn care. i think they were thinking about coke. sorry this maybe hard to read i run on when i am mad.
just a test
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