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Front Brakes for ZTR Mower Update

We have been working all day to install our new disc brake setup on our demo mower. Wow, they are great! On our initial test run, we have found that they are more responsive and take a lot less travel on the pedal than the other version. The new version does not effect the way that a Bad Boy front suspension works. All other versions of suspension from other manufacturers would not be effected by the braking system.

We will be field testing the new system and will be posting a new video of the trial for those who are interested. We will also be sure to run the mower in a tall grass area to see if the grass affects the braking. These are the same brakes as my son's 4wheeler and he rides in three foot high grass all the time with no problems so I am expecting that we will have no problems as well.

Thanks to everyone for the input as we are trying to make zero turn mowers safer for everyone that uses them.

We are going to put to rest the comments about the brakes not being an effective with slick tires on our next video. Maybe a side by side test with a mower that does not have brakes?

When you are on a hill and the weight of the mower is shifted forward, you will see that these brakes are more effective than you might think.

Just for thought, next time you are sliding down a hill while mowing and getting ready to hit something (hopefully not a pond), Do you want your front wheels rolling or sliding?
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