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An Email from Kentucky

I have seen several comments about brakes only working in "perfect situation" and not being needed. IMAO the perfect situation would be if you were sliding down a hill, and put your foot out quickly (like you would in a car) and having a brake there to stop you. That is our goal, and that is what we are going to achieve. Here is an email we got the other day from Roger in Kentucky . . .

Enter you message ::

" Ted,

Keep pursuing your brake system. Your project is extremely important! This past weekend, my wife had a relative to die from a zero turn accident where the mower could not be stopped as it slipped and went down a hill. Thanks."

. . . we get a lot of email like the one above, as well as requests wondering if we have a kit yet for their particular mower model.

One thing that we are definately not doing is advocating "wreckless mowing". We are not trying to extend the capabilities of slope to mow on, or trying to create something for people to do burnouts with.

We are trying to create a safer ZTR mower. Since ROPS, the majority of ZTR deaths are from . . . Sliding down a hill, going over a retaining wall, and having the mower flip on top of the operator and drowning them.

I will be the first one to agree that you can't FIX STUPID. I will also be the first one to tell you that just because someone is KILLED by this happening to them DOES NOT MAKE THEM STUPID . . . It makes them dead. Dead as in no longer a husband, dead as in their sons grow up without their dad.

They are now Dead when they could have possibly still been alive if they had front brakes on their ZTR mower.

I am obviously going to keep on with this project, and will be very detailed in my testing them in different situations. . . then I'll post another video of the results.

How many people who are reading this are in North Carolina? Maybe someone interested in coming to a demo? Just thinking out loud.
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